Check-in Tempelhof

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September 29, 2014
Laia Buira, Say it Loud
October 30, 2014

Check-in Tempelhof


 “…The mother of all airports”

Norman Foster

The largest airport is located at the heart of the city. A construction of colossal scale defined by clean basic essential lines, with a strict sense of form and function. A square mile of ground and symmetric layout that played a key role during the Cold War. Thanks to its central position it was key in supplying food during the Berlin blockade, although, ironically, years later this fact doomed it to close its doors since it remained confined and became obsolete.

This legendary curve which mimics the open wings of an eagle, symbol of the German Air Force, has, however, survived to time. The culture and feelings of a nation and an era surround the building, feelings lived by others are still present in the atmosphere of this place.

A symbol of Nazi power, this bizarre and sinister building is a ghost that many would like to see disappear. Memoir of blood and suffer, vestige of events still too recent, it stands out for its beauty and uniqueness in design, symbol of history and the city. Built as one of the foundations of Nazi architecture, the theory of Ruin Value (Ruinenwerttheorie, 1934), the building was designed using sustainable materials and applying certain principles of physics so that , in the words of Albert Speer , even in a state of decay, after thousands of years , the remains persisted and resembled Roman ruins. A building designed for eternity.

With the passage of time, this limestone and travertine giant has been relegated, displaced in the middle of the city and the modern life of its inhabitants. A space full of history with an uncertain future, a silent legacy anchored in an undefined time. The eagle is no longer flying and the cycle is closed, but the fate of Tempelhof airport is open.

“Check-in Tempelhoff” by Pol Viladoms
From 16th September to 14th October

C/ Aribau 75, 08036, Barcelona

Video: Alejandro Ántola








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